Love on an Escalator, with Ruben Millares

In Love on an Escalator, Antonia Wright and Ruben Millares, kiss in public. In the work, one sees the audience encounter the artists; they comment, laugh, look, don't look, look away uncomfortably, and look again. In this on-going project, the simple repeated gesture of the kiss tests the rules of social conduct. Why do kids stare? Adult women sneer? Men high five? And in some situations, no one looks at all. In a society flooded with sexuality and sexual imagery, why does an innocent kiss cause such confusion? What is this act challenging? This intimacy is too intimate live.

The kiss is a minimalist performance that explores the connection between art and the ordinary to create something extraordinary. By kissing in places such as a boat show, Wright and Millares change the landscape of normal consumer culture. Their bodies, entwined, become a sculptural intervention, playfully disrupting the shopper’s course. There is an element of chance in the performances, as one never knows what the reaction of the public will be.