Let It Always Be Blue

I stepped in Blue walking here this morning
sunk through a Blue puddle
till I was up to my eyes in Blue

and You—

You drip Blue drops over me
and I am no longer un-Blue, but Bluer
as I step through you Blue

Now, I have seen the Blue
Praise Blue

Blue bubbling in the saucepan
Frying on the stove
We were poured into Sea Blue molds

Blue you, Blue Me,
Let’s all be Blue

Blue says, Up yours Blue!
Eat Blue!
Blue you!
Go to Blue!

The Hudson says Blue
The East River says Blue

There is a back to Blue movement
A vote Blue campaign
They say Blue is the new Black

Her heart was light Blue
He had hands of true Blue
I jumped from your Baby Blue Blue forehead
into your Navy Blue eyes

I say Blue to your black
you say, Can’t you see I’m red,
I say Blue to that red
you say, can’t you see we should be purple.
I spit Blue on that yellow
you say, can’t you see I’m green,
you say, can’t you see we should be the sea.

Fade to Blue

In the Blue dream;
The wind blew Blue through the city—
One by one, Blue
A circuit of Blue bulbs turned on—
A Blue hiss across the streets
Blue sheets

You turn me on Blue
You feel me up Blue
You get Blue inside me
I sweat Blue

Blue ink in the water, Blue rain
All the flowers bloomed Blue
That Blue morning

You bring me Blue trees, Blue leaves,
We are the Blue birds,
A plane flying overhead writes, “Let it always be Blue”
You lean in close and whisper, “Let it always be.”