Blue, Part 2

“What goes up, comes down Blue”

Just when there was a promise of a True Blue,
The sky, sighed, cracked, and shot Black.

All the clouds rained Blue-Black, that Dark Blue morning.
Drop by drop all Blue acid, Blue Bleach,
Drop by stinging drop, stinging Blue, stinging Black.

Artificial Blue got under our skins till we screamed,
Fuck you Blue!!
Blue in our eyes, down our throats,
We gagged and vomited Blue,
projected Blue in toilets
off fire escapes, sidewalks.

The whole world was splattered in Blue—
house wives had to clean Blue off their windows,
homeless collected Blue in their cups,
day-old Blue rotting in the streets.

Blue anxiety, Blue breakdowns,
We ripped out our Blue hair.

The pharmaceutical companies marked an un-Blue pill.

All hipsters yelled, “Rage against the Blue.”
young girls worried they looked too Blue.
Elderly sighed saying, “this wasn’t like the old Blue.”

There was a Blue boycott,
a Blue Ban, of course, Blue bootlegging.
The mayor landed a “Blue-a-bition” campaign for reelection.
The President went on the air saying,
“If you are not with Blue you are against Blue.”

Different shades of Blue waged a Blue war—
Indigo screamed, “let’s go to Blue.”
Dark Blue shot Blue bullets
Azure dropped Black and Blue bombs
There was a Navy Blue fleet.

There was an anti-Blue protest,
an “Impeach Blue” campaign.
A blue cover-up scandal.

The Blue dreamed turned into a Blue-Black nightmare,
a Blue-Black sigh, light Blue apathy.

The sign read, “Welcome to the Fake Blue World.”
People jumped mumbling, “What world?”