The Love Embargo

To Cuba

There is an embargo on Love
and “No one can leave or enter”
this does not include medicine.

Communities form around the gates—
The Love Capitalists.
‘Let us in’, they say
‘Look at all the Love there is to make inside.’

On the inside,
The man preaches from his soapbox
about the collective whole
and stone as the new commodity.

One girl in the back thinks about Bamboo trees
which have collective consciousness.
She wraps her head around this.
When one blooms, they all bloom
bloom around the world at the same time
A collective release of breath
(all the other trees yawn.)

The man and his followers continue,
‘with the embargo on Love
we will be much more productive.’
The Love Capitalists push at the gates
Buy Love, get Love free!

Eventually, they all die from apathy.
Only the trees remain.