I Am Waiting

I am Waititng
After Lawrence Ferlighetti

I am waiting in this overstuffed room
With you waiting for the weekend

wondering why we are here.

I am waiting for us to realize
the tv is playing
but we are not on the screen
I am waiting for us to scream
and thrash
and stand up and march out of this room and down the street
to congress
over Florida’s high unemployment rate
and five dollar gallons of gasoline.

I am waiting for these wars to be over
And the world to be safe.

I am waiting for justice.

I am waiting for the news to reveal the love affair
between the Democrats and Republicans
They have been passing bills in the night
Signing bills along their legs under the table
They are going to have a baby
It is called America

I am waiting for the United States to become united.

I am waiting
For us to realize we are one—

I am waiting for my mother to fall in love again
For all mothers to fall in love again
With all fathers
And their children
And neighbors,
A rebirth of love

I am waiting for your number to be called
And my number to be called
for all of our dreams to come true
a parade of amazement.

I am waiting for us to run everywhere again like we are kids.

I am waiting for a renewed sense of wonder
The kind that comes after you fall
And risk losing it all
But you are bailed out of jail
And you are free—
Your plastic bag world in your hand

The air is fresh and you fly.

I am waiting for us to fly.