ARTSY: How Miami Became an Art World Capital

Antonia Wright Ruben Millares Making Miami
By Maxwell Rabb, Nov 30, 2023

“Making Miami” emerges from the Jayaram family’s devotion to the city’s thriving art scene. Vivek moved to Miami 20 years ago and established a law firm specializing in uplifting creatives. Now, he and Carolina plan to funnel the city’s global attention back to the homegrown art communities. At the same time, Miami’s international standing draws positions it uniquely in the art world.

“Miami is a really fascinating market,” said Jeff Lawson, the founder of Untitled, which was established in 2012 and has since become the most diverse fair during Miami Art Week. “It’s the only market in the world that supports this type of ecosystem. At the same time, [Miami] still doesn’t have a tremendous amount of galleries. We’ve seen that grow…but it’s a really interesting market where people come from all over the world. With that said, we have definitely seen a consistent uptick in people who are focused on not only supporting the arts but also collecting [work by artists] that are based locally. We’ve seen [that] grow year over year.”