Are you OK? Miami

Are You OK Miami Video Still

Are you OK?, Miami, 2011 Single Channel Video 3 minutes, 28 seconds, loop Are You Ok? is an on-going performance piece whereby I go into the streets and cry while capturing the responses of those passing by. The project explores the concept of social structure and tests our rules of behavior within different systems. I see each […]

Where All Your Dreams Come True

Antonia Wright Quinceanera Super Fantasia

Where All Your Dreams Come True Performative photography Super Fantasia, Bonita , Buena, Elegante, Cara, Cuban Cinderella 2011 A Quinceañera, a party in the celebration of a girl’s fifteenth birthday in Latin America cultures, is a coming-of-age celebration that traditionally, announces the girl is ready for marriage. It resembles a wedding in scale, significance and […]

I Scream, Therefore I Exist

I Scream, Therefore I Exist HD  Video 4 minutes 2011 Inspired by Reinaldo Arena’s line, ‘I scream, therefore I exist’ from his memoir, Before Night Falls, I went into bodies of water and screamed under the surface of the water while simultaneously capturing the scenes above.

Deep Water Horizon

Created in response to the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, Deep Water Horizon depicts Wright rolling her naked body down a filthy, glass-strewn back alley in Miami during the middle of the night—as “a way to feel the equivalent of something that seemed so far away.” Through Be and Deep Water Horizon, […]