Are you OK? Paris

Are You OK Paris Video Still

Are You OK? Paris, 2014 Single Channel Video 4 minutes 43 seconds Are You Ok?┬áis an on-going performance piece whereby I go into the streets and cry while capturing the responses of those passing by. The project explores the concept of social structure and tests our rules of behavior within different systems. I see each […]

Suddenly We Jumped

4 Body breaking first sheet of glass

Suddenly We Jumped A Futurist Evening at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens Suddenly We Jumped December 7, 2013 Live Performance Suddenly We Jumped (1) Single Channel Video 33 seconds, loop 2014 Suddenly We Jumped (2) Single Channel Video 14 seconds, loop 2014 A fusion of Futurist ideals and aesthetics inform Suddenly We Jumped. Wright focuses on […]