Biscayne at The Kampong

Antonia Wright, Touch Has a Memory, 2021, Unique cyanotype photograms on watercolor paper, digitally transposed to vinyl and adhered to windows. Installation image at Oolite Arts, Miami Beach

Biscayne at The Kampong curated by Kate Flemming

Stretching from North Miami to Card Sound, the subtropical lagoon known as Biscayne Bay is a cherished ecological, recreational, and scenic resource that holds within it a vibrant tapestry of diverse stories and rich historical significance. Throughout its vast cultural continuum spanning over 10,000 years, the Bay has been a subject of comprehensive study due to its extraordinary natural and ecological systems. In this art exhibition, titled Biscayne we aim to deepen the public’s appreciation and pride for this unparalleled landscape of natural and cultural wonders

Drawing inspiration from the term “Kampong,” meaning “village” in the Malay language, we seek to evoke the essence of kampong culture—a neighborly spirit rooted in humble origins, fostering a sense of community and collective responsibility. Kampong culture embodies the idea of looking out for one another, sharing in the joys of life, and carrying each other’s burdens. By intertwining the Bay’s captivating stories with The Kampong’s vibrant spirit, this exhibition aims to cultivate a deeper understanding of humanity’s place within nature. Through artistic expressions, we invite you to embark on a dynamic and holistic journey that unveils the past, explores the present, and inspires a future where nature and culture thrive together. Join us as we celebrate the beauty and interconnectedness of Biscayne Bay and The Kampong, and let us collectively craft a narrative that echoes through the depths of time.