Antonia Wright, Be, 2013
Antonia Wright, Be, 2013
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In her performance, Be, Wright covered herself in 15,000 honey bees while practicing the movements of Tai Chi. In preparation for the video, Wright studied both Tai Chi and meditation, traveling to India to receive instruction at an ashram. The performance speaks to the ability to remain peaceful in the face of danger. Tai Chi and bees share similar qualities: both are capable of violence, but in their peaceful states raise vitality within the body and the environment, respectively. By covering herself with a colony of bees while doing Tai Chi, Wright demonstrates the universal, fragile balance between threat and calm. This dual visual metaphor addresses the escalating violence of and between human cultures.

“My background in poetry was instrumental in creating a sparse visual vocabulary. I find the most direct action permits a more potent, more abstract metaphor.”