Antonia Wright, Map, Unique cyanotype photograms on watercolor paper, digitally transposed to vinyl and adhered to three windows, Performative abstracted photography, Installation images at Design District Miami

To create Map Antonia Wright made unique cyanotype prints by smashing glass with a hammer, laying it over chemically treated paper to create non-negative exposures in the sun. Each photogram was then digitally transposed to vinyl and placed seamlessly into storefront windows in The Miami Design District as an unexpected intervention. The cyan morphed into an impossible-to-ignore deep blue color, evoking and embodying protest. The images respond visually and viscerally to this incendiary moment of American history, in which our country erupted in protests responding to racial injustice. Through the action of smashing, Wright evokes the vulnerability and power of the human body, using glass as her material. Wright uses smashing as a creative gesture to draw attention to the visual appearance of broken glass as a system of mapping, and to offer a new interpretation of breaking as empowering.