ARTnews: 5 Shows to See in Miami During Art Basel Miami Beach

Antonia Wright Ruben Millares Making Miami

By Carolina Ana Drake, Dec. 4, 2023 There continues to be an outsider narrative about Miami’s art history beginning when Art Basel first arrived in 2002. Part exhibition, permanent digital archive, and book, “Making Miami,” curated by Katerina Llanes and produced by Vivek Jayaram, aims to challenge this narrative. Some of Miami’s longest-running nonprofit spaces […]

ARTSY: How Miami Became an Art World Capital

Antonia Wright Ruben Millares Making Miami

By Maxwell Rabb, Nov 30, 2023 “Making Miami” emerges from the Jayaram family’s devotion to the city’s thriving art scene. Vivek moved to Miami 20 years ago and established a law firm specializing in uplifting creatives. Now, he and Carolina plan to funnel the city’s global attention back to the homegrown art communities. At the […]

Forbes: The Complete Guide To Art Basel Miami Beach And Art Week Miami 2023

Antonia Wright Ruben Millares Making Miami

By Erica Wertheim Zohar, Nov. 29, 2023 Jayaram Law is pleased to announce Making Miami, a public art exhibition, book, and permanent digital archive presenting work by extraordinary Miami artists who lived and worked in the city between 1996-2012. The exhibition will feature work from nearly 50 artists throughout four specifically curated indoor galleries that […]

Biscayne at The Kampong

Antonia Wright, Touch Has a Memory, 2021, Unique cyanotype photograms on watercolor paper, digitally transposed to vinyl and adhered to windows. Installation image at Oolite Arts, Miami Beach

Biscayne at The Kampong curated by Kate Flemming Stretching from North Miami to Card Sound, the subtropical lagoon known as Biscayne Bay is a cherished ecological, recreational, and scenic resource that holds within it a vibrant tapestry of diverse stories and rich historical significance. Throughout its vast cultural continuum spanning over 10,000 years, the Bay […]

Sinking Feeling at Or Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

Antonia Wright, And so with ends comes beginnings (still), 2019, single-channel video with sound, 4:30 min, looped

Sinking Feeling Eddie Arroyo, Claudio Nolasco, Jamilah Sabur, Erin Thurlow & Antonia Wright Curated by: Heather Diack In synch with rising sea-levels artists are increasingly attuned to the sinking feeling of climate catastrophe. For the many millions of people who live in dense coastal cities like Mumbai, Amsterdam, São Paulo, Venice, New York, Guangzhou, and […]

Winner of the No Vacancy Juror’s Choice Award

A commission by No Vacancy: Antonia Wright in collaboration with Ruben Millares, 2022, 25 steel barricades, LED lights, steel zip ties, 40 x 10 x 10 ft, Installation image from the Faena Hotel Miami Beach

Antonia Wright and Ruben Millares were the winners of the No Vacancy Juror’s Choice Award for their public artwork installed on the beach outside the Faena Hotel during Art Basel/Miami Art Week 2022.

Rinse and Repeat at The Girl’s Club, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Antonia Wright, And so with ends comes beginnings, 2019-2020, HD color video, 4:30 (excerpt), Audio score written by Jason Ajemian

Rinse & Repeat December 3, 2022 – March 31, 2023 In Rinse and Repeat, works from the collection of Francie Bishop Good and David Horvitz come together to explore cycles of nature and habit, those that both wash and wash away. Work in print, paint, collage and video; photography drawing and sculpture by Liz Calvi, […]

2022 Winner of The Ellies Creator Award by Oolite Arts

For Women in Labor, a generative sound art installation that protests the changing laws around access to safe and legal abortions. Through computational algorithms, the piece sonically amplifies the increase in mileage a woman will now have to travel by state to access reproductive care.